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Spring 2021 Photography Catch-Up: Lots of Product Photography!
May 21, 2021

So far 2021 is proving to be a much busier year, filled with a lot more opportunities and, dare I say it, things seem so be getting back to normal! For me, that means a lot of product photography - which is something I always love getting into. Not sure why, but trying to problem solve and create subtle lighting schemes for ordinary objects is a lot of fun for me. I love the challenge of making the mundane look interesting. It's not always a ...

What's In The Camera Bag - 2021 Edition
March 19, 2021

Here's a question I hear a lot, “what’s in the bag?” I’m always interested in the psychology behind this question as I’ve also asked it many times early in my career. I think a gear check is a great way to see how a photographer approaches their photos and speaks to how they navigate challenges. I wanted to share my full bag/studio list here so you can see which tools I use regularly when approaching my own photography. In The Bag EOS R 5D Ma...

Skip the R5 and R6: Why the EOS R Is The Best Camera for You.
March 8, 2021

I'm going to skip the whole back-story here and get straight to the meat: Don't waste your money on an EOS R5 or R6. Instead, spend your money on the best mirrorless camera with the greatest value. the EOS R. The reasons are many. First and foremost, the EOS R is cheaper than the R6 and way cheaper (by several thousands of dollars) than the R5. Secondly, it does almost as much as the R5 and R6. If we're talking about megapixels, it actually does...

What's Your Most Used Focal Length?
March 7, 2021

Using Lightroom's metadata and some simple maths I was able to create this pie chart that shows, by percentage, which focal lengths I used most often throughout 2020. It's sort of surprising, really, looking at this chart. Without having seen this I would have suspected that my most common focal length would have been 24mm - I spend a lot of time there in both environmental portraits and landscapes. This graph shows me otherwise; apparently, I a...

Portraits in Canton's Centennial Plaza - Football Hall of Fame Inspired Location
March 6, 2021

I kind of like to be the first one there at a new spot. I push myself to explore new ideas and locations. In a world where the axiom, "everything's been done before", is fairly accurate I try to carve out whatever originality is left for myself and my subjects. Here in Canton, Ohio, they've spent the better part of a year building the Centennial Plaza; a Hall of Fame inspired amphitheater that sits in the middle of downtown Canton. When I drove ...

Portrait and Landscape - Photographing a Storm
March 6, 2021

Have you ever been in the studio, photographing your subject, and maybe it's just a little too... plain? Studios are great and all that, don't get me wrong, but there are times where your subject deserves a little more than just a plain white background. This happened while I was photographing recording artist, Storm AP. The in-studio shots were usable, but I just felt like there was more that we could achieve. As luck would have it at the time my ...

Product Photography - Is It OK To Cheat?
January 18, 2021

I've been a graphic designer for nearly 15 years longer than I've been a professional photographer. If you've ever bought a router, used a modern operating system, or purchased a piece of tech equipment within the last two decades there's a really good chance that you own something designed by yours truly. One of the very first things I learned from the creative directors I was working for was that we had to make the client's products look good,...

2020 The Year In Pictures
January 3, 2021

While I didn't spend much, if any, of my time working on the journalistic side of documenting the Year of The Pandemic, I did spend a lot of time behind the lens and here are a few examples of what was captured.

Using ND and Polarizing Filters at the Same Time.
August 27, 2020

Can I use two or more filters on my lens at once? The quick answer is YES, although there are a couple of things you may want to know beforehand to minimize any potential issues. First, stacking filters can cause colors to shift, in some cases quite a bit. Secondly, as you stack more filters you may notice the frame of the filters creeping into the corners of your photograph, also known as "filter tunneling". Be prepared to crop, "content-aware ...

New Stuff, New Photos, New Outlook
August 24, 2020

In case you're reading this in a few years from when I posted this, it's August 2020, the United States is in the middle of a pandemic, and a lot of people are struggling. It's weird kind of struggle tho, like a pyramid where if you work in a sector that near the base, chances are you feel the weight of everyone else struggling above you. If you work as an artist then you know that creative jobs are almost the first to go and the last to come back ...

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