Street Photography and Presets, Oh My!

Celebrating The Launch Of Our New Lightroom Preset Pack!

Today marks a huge shift for us over here at BLP as we take it up one more notch and add a professional-level pack of 30 brand-new Lightroom Presets for only $19.99! Follow the link to go straight to our shop page if you’re interested. If you’re just here for the celebratory street photography, that’s awesome too and we’re glad you stopped by! Let’s get started!

Actually, it’s the city and landscape photographer that inspired me to complete this preset pack. There are a few signature looks I am always drawn to so I figured it would be a good chance to finally get them packaged up to share. You can probably tell, I am excited by this! Well, anyway, let’s look at some of the photos I’ve been using these presets on.

Are Presets Worth It?

Yes and no, in my opinion. I feel like it’s important to craft your own style, and that includes exposure, texture, contrast, and color – all of the things Presets helps you manipulate. I feel like Presets can either be a tool or a crutch, and I prefer the former, rather than the latter. Presets are at their best when they save you time, freeing you up to be more creative. With that in mind, I’ve tried to create this bundle (and more to come) in such a way that they are a springboard for your expression.

Early this week I took to the streets of Canton, Ohio – known locally as “Hall of Fame City” because of its notoriety for having the Pro Football Hall of Fame within its borders. Indeed, Canton is known for little anymore besides football and it’s strong and resilient residents. It, like so many medium-sized rust belt cities, is trying to rebuild and rebrand. Not many towns have the NFL in their corners, giving Canton, Ohio a distinct advantage. Its mix of old and new architecture means it’s a photographer’s playground when it comes to photo-ops.

We walked around, we took photos, and we used those photos to inspire our New Preset Bundle filled with 30 pretty darn awesome presets to help you kick-start your photography editing.

Before you go, I gotta tell you one last thing; this is just the start! I’ve got some more amazing stuff to share with you soon so, please, don’t be a stranger and do come back and check-in!


Benjamin Lehman is a professional, commercial photographer in the Cleveland, Canton, Akron, Massillon, and Northeast Areas of Ohio.