Pulling Your Weight with Commercial Photography

Top Gear Portrait and Product Photography

This was a fun one! B-Tek, an awesome company that I’ve been working with for the past few years, recently sponsored the Fully Loaded Motorsports team and asked me to come out and grab some photos of the Fully Loaded Tractor and team captain/driver, Jeff, decked out in their new B-Tek kit.

When I arrived, I found the tractor waiting for me in the middle of a huge, immaculately kept garage. Already off to a great start! I had no idea what the tractor looked like before-hand so I planned to approach this shoot in the most flexible way possible; set up my camera on a tripod, lock it down, and then take dozens of photos of the subject while moving a single flash in a strip box around the vehicle. This technique would let me composite the final images together in photoshop, giving the impression of a much larger production utilizing dozens of light sources.

Once we were done getting all of the photos we needed for our composite, Jeff asked if we wanted to grab a portrait of him in his newly branded racing jacket. Obviously, we said yes! This was unplanned, but nothing we weren’t prepared for! We used a single flash in a smaller softbox to light Jeff in a traditional “Rembrandt” style and let the ambient light of the garage do the rest!