Fun With Macro

A macro lens is any lens that allows you get in close to your subject and pick up fine details that might have otherwise be hard to see. Macro lenses are great for photographing things such as a flowers, insects, or other small objects. The world of macro is unique because of that up-close perspective it gives the viewer. It’s been stated that a great photo will let someone see something they’ve never seen before, and macros are purpose built for that very function. Even though a macro lens’ main goal may be close ups, they often make great portrait lenses as well since they usually come in focal lengths popular with portrait photographers, such 50, 85 and 100mm. 

The pictures below are from a recent online course (you can watch for free at where we explored some of the more common uses of macro lenses. We also got into some intermediate flash lighting. 

Don’t hesitate to begin exploring macro photography! You can buy cameras and macro capable lenses for fairly cheap, and while any hobby can get expensive fast, you can actually start taking macro photos for relatively cheap!