People and Services are an Important Part of Your Offering.

More Than Just Products

The most common type of photograph a business will seek out is a corporate headshot – sooner or later customers and investors want to see the team behind the business. Your team is by far your business’ most valuable asset, but it makes up only a fraction of your offering. Products and Services will most often represent a bulk of what you are selling and it’s important to visually represent those to your customer base. Great photographs will always, with 100% certainty, make a difference when someone is deciding between you or a competitor. I don’t just say that as a photographer, I say that as a 25-year Creative Director veteran who has worked with nearly every major high-tech company (don’t believe me? check out my agency’s website).

Below is a series of commercial photographs, I took for an area-local business that offers a service to train crews to use and implement their products. These photos are used in all types of collateral, including social media. Having good photos of their classroom in action helps convey and prove that they have the talent and equipment that sets their training above all other competitors.

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Benjamin Lehman is a Commercial Photographer in the Canton, Akron, Cleveland and Northeastern Areas of Ohio.