I’m going to skip the whole back-story here and get straight to the meat: Don’t waste your money on an EOS R5 or R6. Instead, spend your money on the best mirrorless camera with the greatest value. the EOS R.

The reasons are many. First and foremost, the EOS R is cheaper than the R6 and way cheaper (by several thousands of dollars) than the R5. Secondly, it does almost as much as the R5 and R6. If we’re talking about megapixels, it actually does quite a bit more than the R6 – nearly 10 MP better. It shoots 4K video, it takes amazing photos, it works with all of the same lenses, it has extremely low noise levels. To put it bluntly, the R5 and R6, while both amazing cameras, don’t really offer a massive upgrade in terms of features for your average pro-photographer to warrant the huge increase in price.

It drives me crazy when I hear people talking about getting an R5 or R6 without even regarding the original EOS R as an option. Here’s a quick table to illustrate my point.

[table id=1 /]

It doesn’t take a lot of looking before you realize just how closely these cameras perform in nearly all aspects. The R5 is the clear winner when it comes to video format and quality, and both the R5 and R6 are better burst-photo cameras as well. But the EOS R outperforms the R6 in the megapixel department handly. All three cameras are said to autofocus well in pretty much every situation.

You may come away with a completely different conclusion but it seems to me like the clear winner for quality versus cost is the EOS R. The one exemption might be if you are a wildlife or sports photographer who needs the extra speed offered by the R5 and R6’s upgrade DIGIC processing power.