So far 2021 is proving to be a much busier year, filled with a lot more opportunities and, dare I say it, things seem so be getting back to normal!

For me, that means a lot of product photography – which is something I always love getting into.

Not sure why, but trying to problem solve and create subtle lighting schemes for ordinary objects is a lot of fun for me. I love the challenge of making the mundane look interesting. It’s not always a dramatic transformation, but I do my best to help set the client’s products apart from the rest in their industries. Here are some of the things I’ve worked on over the last few months.

Above is a small representation of some of the fun things I’ve had a chance to photograph. Lots of products on white, as most companies want to be able to use these photos across various e-commerce platforms and they often have restrictions about how they want backgrounds to be treated.

I even threw in a few portraits as well. Two of those portraits are composites using the three-light technique made famous by Joel Grimes. This worked out for me since the weather was bad outside and it’s a bad idea to send your executive team out into a thunder storm.


Benjamin Lehman is a professional, commercial photographer in the Canton, Akron, Cleveland and, North Eastern Ohio area.