Some quick info on how to photography comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3)

If you want to take photos of Comet NEOWISE then here is the shortest post you’ll find on the subject.

It’s visible as of now in the early morning (around 4:00) in the NE portion of the sky. As of July 12th, it will also be visible in the evening, starting about an hour after sunset in the SE portion of the sky (falling down into the constellation of Libra). 

While the comet IS visible with the naked eye, it can be hard to notice without knowing where to look for it directly. If you are scanning the sky I strongly suggest using the LiveView or EVF on your camera to do so as this will make it much easier to spot.

Camera settings can be either:

ISO 400
Shutter: 2.5 Seconds

or if you want lower noise at the expense of some image drifting

ISO 100
Shutter: 10 Seconds

Lens selection: At least a 70-200 mm is preferred to get up close and personal.

If your lens doesn’t go to f/2.8, then go to the most open f-stop available and dial up your ISO as needed.  If you need a good AR app to help find the comet then I suggest Sky Guide ($2.99 on the Apple App Store)

That’s it, now go out and photograph this sucker!

Benjamin Lehman is an acclaimed commercial photographer in the North East Ohio area. He does everything from senior portraits to high-tech company product shots. He is cared for by 3 awesome dogs.