Prestwick Country Club in Green, Ohio

Phographing A Beautiful Autumn Wedding

I’m not going to lie to you – being a photographer is a dream job, and at its best, it is nothing short of living a dream. Weddings are just exactly those types of jobs you get as a photographer that give you a chance to spend your day taking photos of what is guaranteed to be a magical time. I was recently asked to photograph an outdoor wedding ceremony at the gorgeous Prestwick Country Club in Green, Ohio. Obviously, I couldn’t resist.

The wedding happened early in the morning – not typical at all – but what an awesome idea! The early autumn air was cool, but comfortable. The guests were excited, the landscape was wide and lush. And, when the ceremony was over, the reception was held inside of a beautiful room, filled with ambiance and character.

When I am hired as a photographer, it’s usually done so because I love to take these large, magazine-style, set-piece photos of the bride, groom, and wedding party. Interestingly enough, this time I was asked to keep things more candid and less staged. I did just that, but when the opportunity arose to take advantage of a great space we discovered, I couldn’t help but suggest maybe one, incy-wincy tiny staged photo? Of course, when I showed them the space, they were all aboard and we ended up getting a photo everyone just fell in love with.

In the end, the bridge and groom got a bunch of captured-moment photos, and one great magazine-quality picture for the ages!